August 20, 2016


Leslee Wegleitner is a spiritual guide who has a unique energy gift given and known since her magical childhood years. Leslee can tune into Universal energy, seeing beyond the physical world we experience with our eyes into the subtle energies that surround everything that we cannot see. She connects clearly and quickly with these energies to find the blocks that shutdown our ability to manifest our desires.

Developed and evolved over a period of years, Leslee has created the unique transformational modality of Light Language known as Fields and Harmonics of Sacred Light™. It is a holographic symbol language created in drawing form as conscious art and created in sound form as harmonics. These energies resonate with one’s original soul blueprint and send this soul information directly to one’s higher self.

Leslee’s Fields and Harmonics of Sacred Light™ are about connecting with the soul, seeding the soul with updated information, shifting the soul to a new perspective, and allowing through Divine timing self-empowerment of the soul to shine. Thus, Leslee’s passion and mission are accomplished—for all humanity to obtain self-empowerment through self-love.

As Leslee continued to engage and work with Fields and Harmonics of Sacred Light™, she found a desire to add to her work. Leslee wanted to be able to not only shift energy but to move energy into form. Human Design became just what Leslee was looking for. Leslee’s reconnection after studies many years ago with Human Design and her further study provided a blueprint and new insights. Human Design’s simple strategies for decision-making and guidance fit together well with Fields and Harmonics of Sacred Light™. Working with both modalities, Leslee’s work has evolved into an embodied experience. 

Leslee understands how energy works individually as well as in union with the collective. This insight helps her to see why we are here and how we each fit in the totality of the whole. Her clients experience clarity and vision. Grounded integration happens. Co-creating with the unified field, Leslee is able to consistently experience transformational shifts for her clients and the Universe. 

Leslee’s work brings an infinite array of possibilities including but not limited to healing, abundance, and enjoyment. Leslee’s clients’ benefit and those individuals who have a relationship with her clients also benefit from family and friends to co-workers and acquaintances. The results from Leslee’s work are exciting and amazing, full of fun surprises with no two experiences ever the same.

Leslee’s Story

When I was a little girl, I walked a lot in the woods close to the rural area where I lived. Up on the hill, I dug rocks, loaded them into my little red Radio Flyer wagon, brought them home to clean, and placed them on the shelves in my bedroom. The rocks were my friends who I talked with and carried around in my pockets. It was a time of being alone, but not feeling that I was alone.

Catholic school with its patriarchal principles offered me a religious base, but no spiritual base. Deep down my intuitive, empathic self was crying to be acknowledged and nurtured. For many years, I felt confused and painfully lost. Finding a hawk feather, seeing deer watching from the distance, or observing a bright green snake curled up on my path helped me feel connected to a life bigger than myself. One day an owl landed on a branch overhead. I stopped to watch. It was two o’clock in the afternoon. A storm was brewing. Suddenly, an evergreen tree fell directly in front of me. Something of huge magnitude that I didn’t quite understand was protecting and communicating with me.

As I entered adult life, I fell in love and married. My father died. His spirit brought a new connection between us. My two boys were born. Motherhood enveloped my heart and soul and brought me closer to the magic of the invisible world. I had interactions with angels. My sons played with their imaginary friends. My guides and the guides of my children taught us about our shared past lives.

Marriage was a challenge. I ran a coffee shop, which my husband said was causing our unhappiness. Against the direction of my inner voice, my husband convinced me to sell the business. Within a couple of years, I chose this time to listen to my inner voice and left the marriage. With my two boys, no business or job, I started over. The Universe showed me a new vision for my life, and I followed that vision.

Today I am grateful for having the courage to follow and continue to follow my inner knowing. My boys are now young men who are beyond their years in awareness, consciousness, and confidence. I am in a solid, loving relationship and am creating a business that continues to evolve and expand.

Each day I tune into the deep wisdom of Gaia, the ancients, and the light beings. I ask the question, “How may I serve?” The Universe responds by guiding me through synchronicities that open new doors. I admire and honor all people on their human journeys. Let’s join your story with mine to open our energy gateways. Let’s explore and discover the unique ways we are on this earth to serve.