August 20, 2016

About Leslee

Leslee Nelson is a spiritual guide who has a unique energy gift given and known to her since her magical childhood years. Leslee can tune into Universal energy, seeing beyond the physical world we experience with our eyes to the subtle energies that surround everything we cannot see. She connects clearly and quickly with these energies to find the blocks that shutdown her clients’ abilities to manifest their desires.

Developed and evolved over a period of years, Leslee has created the unique transformational modality known as Templates of Light, Love, and Language™. Templates of Light, Love, and Language™ are a holographic symbol language created in drawing form defined as conscious art and in sound transmission form defined as light language. Combined together, these energies resonate with one’s original soul blueprint—love. By sending this information to the higher self, the true self is created.

Leslee’s Templates of Light, Love, and Language™ are about connecting with the soul, seeding the soul with updated information, shifting the soul to a new perspective, and allowing through Divine timing self-empowerment of the soul to shine. Thus, Leslee’s passion and mission—for all humanity to obtain self-empowerment—is accomplished.

Her work brings an infinite array of possibilities, including but not limited to healing, happiness, and abundance. Her clients benefit and those individuals who have a relationship with her clients also benefit, from family and friends to co-workers and acquaintances. The results from Leslee’s work are exciting and amazing with many fun surprises.