May 5, 2021

Human Design

Human Design is a contemporary, energetic, and experiential language, which generates a tool called the Body Graph. This graph broadens and synthesizes ancient and modern science typing systems such as the Enneagram, I Ching, Kabbalah, and Numerology to create a unique blueprint of the human you. It shows both your conscious and unconscious aspects as well as their combined quantum form.

We as humans are shifting from one energetic cycle to another. Human Design is here to guide humanity through this transition so that we are empowered with spiritual abundance. Human Design reveals the fundamental matrix of life, the uniqueness of our individuality, and our collective experience. This knowledge gives us new light about the nature of our reality.

Human Design reveals the mechanics of your mind. It provides you with the logical, abstract, and unique aspects of you and shows you what is consistent about your thinking, beliefs, and knowledge as well as what is inconsistent. Experimenting with the frequencies shown through the Body Graph enriches your personal awareness as you strive to reduce confusion, stress, and resistance.

Human Design enhances Leslee’s soul work to take you through a self-realization process that gives you navigation techniques so that you make choices you trust. It offers precise advice for personal fulfillment. Human Design may offer you a spiritual awakening to the truth of who you are or it may help you understand others. Increased feelings of self-acceptance and self-love along with improved relationships are some of the possibilities.

Leslee began her interest and work with Human Design over 20 years ago. With Leslee’s most recent dedicated studies in Human Design and her own personal work with integrating Human Design in her life, she has decided to incorporate Human Design into her Fields and Harmonics of Sacred Light™ offering. This combination of modalities provided Leslee with a deeper awakening, expression, and manifestation of her life. She wants you to experience similar enhancements in your life.