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Transforming Your Relationships Through Your Self-Development


This course creates a navigational technique for you to understand the truth of YOU vs. NOT-SELF when relating with others. Relationships don’t have to be frustrating, draining, or joyless. This only comes when we live in resistance to our true nature. Finding ourselves in conflict with life reveals itself when we don’t identify our true nature while engaging with others.

Week 1

The importance of starting with you in relationship. Overveiw of the Human Design Bodygraph.

Week 2.

How Human Design provides you with simple yet effective tools to empower yourself in relationship.

Week 3.

Identifying your inner conflict pattern that has conditioned you to experience suffering in relationships

Week 4.

Recognizing how your uniqueness remains present and confident helps you overcome a lack of boundaries and conditioning, resulting in long-term self-alignment. 

Week 5.

Identifying potential energy that creates dilemma’s in relationships, continuing a cycle you can’t break and recognizing where your pain points are and how relationships feed into them.

Week 6.

Class 6 is a bonus class. We will decide as a group the information everyone wants to know more about.

Human Design!

Leslee Wegleitner’s Human Design journey began 20 years ago. Leslee’s dedicated studies through International Human Design School,has accelerated the transformation of her life, from the inside out. Personally, Human Design has provided inner peace,presence in the now,understanding how her energy impacts self and others, and how to communicate to be heard and feel heard. Leslee’s mission is to share her journey, wisdom, and intuitive guidance to help others learn how to achieve results for themselves, whiletransforming self.

Happy Clients

Leslee’s energy work has tapped into their higher dimensions. They suffered from severe depression, and since they work with Leslee, they feel better than they have in years. They now wake up each morning looking forward to what life holds for them.

First of all, what Leslee does is SO different and amazing! Leslee and I worked on an issue around one of my parents. I hung the templates in my bathroom so I could see them several times a day. After receiving and reviewing the templates and recorded light language, I immediately felt lighter, supported, and more loved.
Amy Vasterling
Intuitive Pathfinder
Leslee has been a true partner on my soul’s spiritual journey. With Leslee’s insight as a healer and her Templates of Light, Love, and Language™, I have managed to expand and become tuned in with the Divine timing of my soul. My consciousness has opened to the space of infinite possibilities, and I connect with the field of love.

Los Angeles

It was such an honor and pleasure to have a one-on-one session with Leslee. She helped me know/see more of my Higher Self, my God team, and the multi-dimensional levels that I work with when doing my own healings. Leslee has this amazing gift of seeing energies through various layers and dimensions.
Jenny Ngo, RN, MSN,
Quantum Global Healing
North Carolina

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