August 20, 2016

Work With Leslee

There are a variety of ways you may work with Leslee. General descriptions of the various options are listed below. If you have any specific questions about which format to choose, review the Frequently Asked Questions section for more information. If you still have questions, please go to Contact Me to submit your inquiries. I will do my best to respond within 24 hours.

Thanks for deciding to work with me and use my Fields and Harmonics of Sacred Light™.  Select from the following options:

One-on-One Personal Spiritual Guidance Session

If you’re interested in a personal one-on-one dialog and energy session with Leslee, this is the one to choose.

Sessions are conducted with clients via webcast or through a dial-in phone option. Each session begins with a brief discussion between you and Leslee of how life is presenting itself for you at the present time. Together an intention for the session is set. Leslee creates an initial drawing based on this intention. She then brings through the multi-dimensional aspects of you by joining your higher self with her higher self and generating a dialog together.

The goal of the session is to transmit balancing frequencies that move you into your transformation to reach your highest potential. During the session there may be dialog from Leslee sharing information she is receiving or asking you questions. Each session is individual and unique.

As you relax into the session, you may sense energies, feel emotions, or have visions. There are infinite possibilities of how you will respond, which all contribute to bringing about a state of coherence in the present moment. The process allows for the strength of your wholeness to bring through clarity, focus, and balance for your evolutionary process.

Leslee will speak light language, referred to as Harmonics of Sacred Light™ during the session and will create at least one more drawing. At the end of the session together you will provide feedback to each other and determine next steps in the process.

Following your session you will receive via email the Fields of Sacred Light™ drawings in black on white and white on black PDF forms as well as a link to download the replay of your session, which includes the spoken light language referred to as Harmonics of Sacred Light™. Sessions are approximately 60 minutes in length.

Follow-up Personal Spiritual Guidance Session

If you have had a one-on-one personal spiritual guidance session within the past two weeks, but have had some questions arise related to the intention of your session, choose this one.

The process is the same as the One-on-One Personal Spiritual Guidance Session

Sometimes after a session you have questions about the Fields and Harmonics of Sacred Light™ and need some clarity. Or, maybe you received clarity and you want the same intention with a little different twist. Either scenerio, this is a great way to have your needs met without a committing to a full session. This session will also be conducted via webcast or through a dial-in phone option and taped so you will receive the replay of session. I will also send the Fields and Harmonics of Sacred Light™ following our session. Follow-up sessions are 15-20 minutes in length.

Single-Focus Personal Spiritual Guidance Session

If you know the intention you want to work with, can summarize it in a couple of sentences, want the results fast, and do not feel it necessary to speak with Leslee directly, select this option.

You will send an email to Leslee stating a specific intention or focus you want to work with summarized in two to three sentences. Leslee will tap into the energies and create Fields and Harmonics of Sacred Light™ from the information you provide. You will receive two drawings in PDF form one black on white and white on black for each. You will also receive in MP3 format an audio file of spoken Light Language connected with your intention that was channeled through Leslee as well as any spiritual guidance Leslee received when she was creating the Templates. Your information will be returned in less than three days from when the intention was received.

Subscription to Your Infinite Energy (minimum of 6 months)

If you are interested in working with Leslee on a long-term basis for a period of six months or more and feel a monthly personal one-on-one session as well as a single-focused email session once a month fits your needs, choose this one. You will be able to have the best of both worlds while cutting the cost by one month. That’s 12 sessions for the price of 10!!