August 20, 2016


Shifted My Perception from the Hurt I’d Felt to a State of Self-Love.

First of all, what Leslee does is SO different and amazing! Leslee and I worked on an issue around one of my parents. I hung the templates in my bathroom so I could see them several times a day. After receiving and reviewing the templates and recorded light language, I immediately felt lighter, supported, and more loved. 

I saw in these drawings the evolution of what was transpiring in the way of change. It indeed shifted my energy and perception from the hurt I’d felt to a state of self-love around this situation. Those who relate to me on a daily basis even shared they felt differently about me. 

Leslee’s kind, gentle nature paired with her deep knowledge base leads to a powerful experience that is easily understood and assimilated.



Amy Vasterling
Intuitive Pathfinder


Confidence to a New Level

It was such an honor and pleasure to have a one-on-one session with Leslee. She helped me know/see more of my Higher Self, my God team, and the multi-dimensional levels that I work with when doing my own healings. Leslee has this amazing gift of seeing energies through various layers and dimensions.

She drew a Template during the healing and activations of myself as an Angel with rays of Light that easily transformed and morphed where needed in the etheric realm. She shared that it will be “no time” until my intention would become a reality in my life.  Well, Leslee’s work quickened this process of integration.  Within one day of our session, I conducted my first 90-minute group healing call in several months. 

To my amazement, the healing call flowed with such ease, grace and FUN!  YEAH! I was connected in a manner that allowed the information to be easily accessed and given during the call. My usual process was to make an outline to stay on track. Instead, I was able to trust my guidance and flow in the moment without any prior preparation. I felt confident to allow the process to flow.

A week later, I did my second group call, and again the same results. I am so much more confident with public speaking, honoring what comes up, and sharing from the Heart without judging. This is huge and absolutely priceless, as it helped me be an even better speaker and healer. Leslee is a sweetheart, an authentic healer. I would recommend her work to anyone who resonates with it.

35d73b_430e12232d5f41159af5e05e3441ce5dJenny Ngo, RN, MSN,
Quantum Global Healing
North Carolina


Two Weeks After the Reading My Goal Occurred!

I was delighted with my experience from Leslee’s reading as I had no idea what to expect. As we began, I could feel a presence enter my energy field even though we were half way across the country from each other. We discussed my current situation. There were times an unrecognizable but sense of familiarity about the language came through Leslee. The diagram I was presented with at the end of the session contained unfamiliar symbols. Yet, gazing at the diagram, there is a power within it that each time I looked at it gave me a very strong feeling around my heart center. During the reading, I mentioned a goal of mine that I had for a number of years. Two weeks after the reading my goal occurred! There is such a love/joy energy within the diagram that words can only point to and barely describe. Thank you, Leslee, for sharing your gift with me!

Beccah Risdall
North Carolina

Here is what Tamara Had to Say



Continued Support—Like the Energizer Bunny

Leslee is a gifted intuitive who brings through information and messages of light in her artwork and language of light. Her verbal interpretation brings clarity and understanding of where you are currently in life and where you are heading.

During our session together, I could feel the shifts and changes in my physical body as she was drawing and sharing the language of light. Upon completion of the session, my energy was flowing freely and easily. My body felt calm and balanced. As I moved back out into life, there was clarity of direction and steps to get there.

I printed out the drawing and keep in near my bed. I can feel its vibration and how it continues to work with me even a week later. 

About three years ago, I had had a session with Leslee and have continued to carry that drawing with me to this day. When I seek support, I pull the drawing out and spend a few moments with it. Her work continues to strengthen me—kind of like the energizer bunny.  I love her work and the support it provides me in my day-to-day life.

Thank you, Leslee, for the gifts you share.

Jeanne Lecher
The Soul Body Network


Takes You to Your Happy Place Instantaneously

Leslee is a powerful guide and healer who provided a safe cocoon for me to open up and blossom into my most empowered self. Through her drawings and energy work, I could feel myself coming into alignment, which allowed an opening for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing to take place automatically. Leslee has such a sweet energy that takes you to your happy place instantaneously!

Courtney Amundson, Author
Teachings From God: Greeting Your Soul and Revealing the Divine Within


I am Grateful for the Opening Leslee Gave Me.

Leslee is not only an exceptional antenna catching the signal of the Universe, but she is also a precise channel that brings you into the exact confirmation that you hide deep in the most hidden healing drawer of your soul. She knows how to open that drawer for you with the twitch of her wrist. I am grateful for the opening Leslee gave me.”

Veronica, Owner
Phoenix Healing


Magnetic Energy that She Anchors and Magnifies in Her Drawings

“I have been a client of Leslee Nelson’s for the past six years. As both a healer and a facilitator of manifestation, she has delivered results. She transforms her clients’ desires into magnetic energy that she anchors and magnifies in her drawings. Leslee can help her clients’ dreams come true.”

Laurie McConnell
Energy Healer


Listen to Jackie’s Story

Spiraled Me to the Core of Integration

So powerful. Felt it right in the heart as if the energy spiraled me to the core of integration. I literally held the image to my heart and felt its vibration.

Integrated Health Practitioner


Activation Opened Me to Expansion of My Gifts.

After the session with Leslee, I have noticed lots of change. I do energy work myself and since she did an activation through her Templates of Light, Love, and Language™, I have noticed a greater sense of clarity. As I connect to do my Akashic record readings, the messages are clearer and the flow of energy is stronger. On a personal level, I feel more connected to my intuition. I hear my intuition loud and clear and am making better day-to-day choices, which help in the flow of my life.

My creativity has opened up, and I am now also creating items to sell in my business. What a gift to have my creative expression open in this way.



Shift an Old Pattern I Held into a Desired State of Being Literally Overnight

The immediate result I experienced after a session with Leslee was incredible. She was able to shift an old pattern I held into a desired state of being literally overnight, and it’s still with me.

National Speaker


Suffered with Severe Depression and Since My Work with Leslee, I Feel Better than I have in Years

Leslee’s energy work has tapped into my higher dimensions. I suffered with severe depression; and since my work with Leslee, I feel better than I have in years. I now wake each morning looking forward to what life holds for me.

Akashic Shift Record Reader


Each Session Leaves Me More Connected with My Higher Self and Ready for Another Step on Life’s Journey.

“Leslee has helped guide my life to a new dimension, leaving behind old patterns of unfulfilling relationships and work styles. Each session leaves me more connected with my higher self and ready for another step on life’s journey. The energy that flows through her drawing are motivating between sessions, and the information she provides gives valuable insight into the mysteries of the universe.”

Executive Assistant


 My Dreams have Changed Significantly from What They Were Before. It is as if the Formatting is Different. At Times it Feels as if I am Being Shown Scenarios Rather than Being in the Dream.

I absolutely loved my session with Leslee. It has only been a week and a half, but I am already noticing subtle changes. I am sleeping so hard and waking up so fatigued, I believe I am still actively processing our session. My dreams have changed significantly from what they were before; it is as if the formatting is different. At times it feels as if I am being shown scenarios rather than being in the dream.

I have also noticed a general sense of calmness within. I don’t believe things unsettle me as much or if something is unsettling I come to resolution much quicker and easier.

The question I posed was around abandonment and that I felt I was projecting my own fears on my children. Since that session, I have noticed a big shift in how I feel around this and how I interact with my children. Definitely, the fear has lessened, and I expect that it will continue to shift as time passes.

Shamanic Practitioner


Tension and Anxiety Just Melting Away

Thank you for sending me the Personal Template and audio so quickly. I really appreciated that.

The first time I listened to the audio and worked with the Personal Template, I could feel the tension and anxiety melting away, leaving me feeling peaceful and quietly happy. As a test, I focused on the fear I’d been experiencing for so many years, but it didn’t return. Hours later, I’m still feeling peaceful and quietly happy. It feels so good and this is only Day 1. I can’t wait to see what the future will bring.

Thank you so much for helping me improve my life, Leslee. You’re amazing!


Looking for an Accurate Reading of Where You Are—A Gentle Method of Letting Go

I had a beautiful session with Leslee. Her reading was top notch and right on. The light language she brought in created a coldness throughout the body. While I was attentive, I had images coming up throughout the process. Leslee went on later to explain what she got, and it was true to what I saw. She helped me with total awareness that I know what I want. It is that I just needed to bring another element into the equation.

She immediately sent my pictures, and I hung them in my room. Looking at the templates did not bring up heavy trauma or anything like that. It processed in the dream state and visual letting go. I did cry throughout the day, but I had her template for release. I used it quite often for integration, too. A lot of relationship issues along with money issues and loss I experienced in my younger years are up for transformation and enlightenment. I am so grateful for Leslee’s help. If you are looking for an accurate reading of where you are, a gentle method of letting go, and taking your next step, I would recommend Leslee highly. She is right on!

I have been working with Leslee since I heard her on Eram’s telesummit. I purchased Leslee’s program and worked with the energy templates of light drawings. These drawings are powerful. I shifted in ways that happens freely. I was totally out of the way.

Some healers work with you and you interpret what is going on and get involved in the destructive patterns. Not so with Leslee, her work comes from a higher source; and by allowing the codes in the drawings to penetrate your energy field, the shift happens in a gentle way. I learned to let the flow move whichever direction it needed to flow. I cried a lot, but as the month progressed, I felt calmer and more expansive. I felt my core just redesigning itself.

At this point, I was glad I purchased her package with the personal session. Leslee instructed me to allow the energies to settle in a few weeks prior having our session. I have always had trouble staying connected to the earth, seeing clearly, and using my energies to assist my personal evolution. All my choices were based on who will abandon me now, or on fear. So I allowed her higher beings to present what was needed for me with no attachments.  Since her session I have been able to play in the Fifth dimension without feeling like I am escaping, channel the energies for myself—not just for others—and grow in freedom and spiritual bliss. I feel stronger, more independent, and accountable for my choices.

Over the course of knowing Leslee and working with her, the subtle but power changes continue to take place. I feel I am ready to experience freedom free of guilt, changing my course through choice, without fear of being alone. This speaks volumes for me—more than money can buy. I recommend Leslee’s work highly. With this choice there is no turning back, but when the results are permanent, who would want to. Thank you, Leslee, for sharing your gifts with me to create a better, more functional being of light.



Multiple Session Amazements

Leslee has been a true partner on my soul’s spiritual journey. With Leslee’s insight as a healer and her Templates of Light, Love, and Language™, I have managed to expand and become tuned in with the Divine timing of my soul. My consciousness has opened to the space of infinite possibilities, and I connect with the field of love.   

As I review the years of files of drawings and recordings of the personal work Leslee and I have done together, the letting go of conflict patterns as well as the development and strength of my soul are extremely prevalent. She can see into my energy field, ask questions of my higher self, and bring clarity and guidance to my life. Without Leslee’s work, I would have stayed in the many stuck and conflicted patterns I worked without success most of my life to dissipate.  

Leslee and I have worked together for many years in face-to-face sessions and long-distance sessions. Both types of sessions work, neither one better than the other, just different. Our sessions are fun, interesting, and always filled with surprises.  

Over a period of two years, Leslee supported and kept me strong through three major life transitions: from job loss to career change, a move from Minneapolis to Los Angeles, and a breast cancer diagnosis from illness to health.  

We have been able to rid myself of love addictions that have penetrated my entire life and have found in the process my own self-love. Leslee helped me learn to listen to my inner voice and speak my truth.  

After each session with Leslee, my whole being experiences a sense of calm and lightness. I feel more love—more love for nature, more love for others, but particularly more love for myself. And with each connection to Leslee’s work through the drawings and the light language, there is an underlying continued sense and building of belief and trust that in each moment of my life, I am exactly where I am meant to be on my soul’s journey. My purpose is fulfilled. The fear dissipates, the love expands, and my life expresses itself in more joy. 

Leslee’s work is multidimensional and evolves as our human consciousness evolves. I’m Deborah. Given my desire to grow in this consciousness of love, I plan to continue to partner with Leslee. May you partner with Leslee and enjoy your evolution, too. 

Los Angeles