May 25, 2021


There are a variety of ways you may work with Leslee. General descriptions of the various options are listed below. Also, you will find my online scheduler at the bottom of the page.

If you have questions, please go to Contact Me to submit your inquiries. I will do my best to respond within 24 hours.

Thanks for deciding to work with me. Using my Fields and Harmonics of Sacred Light™ along with Human Design will be filled with amazing opportunities to align all parts of you to achieve clarity, courage, joy and empowerment of the individual you came here to be. I am excited to be on this journey with you.  Healing is an inside job but I would be honored to support you in the process. Select from the following options:

One-on-One Personal Spiritual Guidance Session

If you’re interested in a personal one-on-one dialog and energy session with Leslee, this is the one to choose.

Sessions are conducted with clients via zoom. Each session begins with a brief discussion between you and Leslee of how life is presenting itself for you at the present time. Leslee weaves together your present situation, opens your fields of energy for upliftment of potentials, and concludes with practical tools to align and achieve the change you are seeking and opening to. Connecting to the multi-dimensional aspects of you by listening to your higher self through her higher self generates a dialog where the codes of transformation begins.

The goal of the session is to transmit balancing frequencies that move you into your transformation to reach your highest potential. During the session there may be dialog from Leslee sharing information she is receiving or asking you questions. Each session is individual and unique.

As you relax into the session, you may sense energies, feel emotions, or have visions. There are infinite possibilities of how you will respond, which all contribute to bringing about a state of coherence in the present moment. The process allows for the strength of your wholeness to bring through clarity, focus, and balance for your evolutionary process.

Leslee will speak light language and create Light Language in a drawn form, referred to as Fields and Harmonics of Sacred Light™ combed with insights she sees in your Human Design chart.  At the end of the session together you will provide feedback to each other and determine next steps in the process.

Following your session you will receive via email the Fields and Harmonics of Sacred Light™ drawings in black on white and white on black PDF forms as well as a link to download the replay of your session, which includes the spoken light language referred to as Fields and Harmonics of Sacred Light™. Sessions are approximately 60 minutes in length.


Single-Focus Personal Spiritual Guidance Session

If you know the intention you want to work with, can summarize it in a couple of sentences, want the results fast, and do not feel it necessary to speak with Leslee directly, select this option.

You will send an email to Leslee stating a specific intention or focus you want to work with summarized in two to three sentences. Leslee will tap into the energies and create Fields and Harmonics of Sacred Light™ from the information you provide. You will receive two drawings in PDF form one black on white and white on black for each. 

You will also receive in MP3 format an audio file of spoken Light Language connected with your intention that was channeled through Leslee as well as any spiritual guidance Leslee received when she was creating the Templates. Your information will be returned in less than three days from when the intention was received. (There is no Human Design information in this session)


Work with Leslee for 3 Months

If you are interested in working with Leslee on a long-term basis for a period of three months and feel a weekly personal one-on-one session fits your needs, choose this one. Leslee builds upon each session for a deeper dive into aligning and achieving your goals and creating you to feel fully supported. Sometimes we have several areas of our life in transition, but the reality is when we get to the core of our truth, we realize they are all intertwined. 

This revelation can bring about profound life change on a grand scale. Leslee loves supporting her clients through multiple sessions allowing a coherence of energies to happen while witnessing the depths of change. Sometimes change can manifest quicker when one feels they are completely supported not only on the physical but spiritual planes. I promise to show up and hold space for a judge-free zone and meet you where you are – right now. When we feel heard and supported openings of deeper levels of self is proclaimed as we step into our power to consciously create the life we desire. Choosing multiple sessions will bring greater change along with a discounted price. It’s a win-win. 

That’s 12 sessions for the price of 10!! Also become an Align and Achieve member and receive another 20% off. 


Align and Achieve Subscription

Claiming your spiritual path while maintaining physical embodiment is what many of us are proclaiming this life. Our group sessions integrate Fields and Harmonics of Sacred Light™ with Human design. We gather in our divine feminine essence supporting each other to proclaim self-empowerment skills to align and achieve coherence in our lives. Universal frequencies brought through Fields and Harmonics of Sacred Light™ expand our subtle bodies allowing openings of awareness, which are then claimed and acknowledge through the mechanics of Human Design. Over time, self-proclaimed thoughts will manifest into form through shifting our perceptions of our reality. Observation of new physical, emotional, and mental responses take place from the initiation of these higher spiritual planes as we connect with our Fields and Harmonics of Sacred Light™.

Align and Achieve monthly gatherings give women a place to begin manifesting through initiated desires of vision through the alchemy of energy, transforming it into form. We will gather monthly to contemplate a specific topic for the growth of individual proclaimed empowerment. It all starts with the courage to show up and be YOU. Recognition of the essence of the beauty we all hold within and the limitless potential to claim it through self-love will be a gift we all receive and as we support one another. This is not a process that we claim instantly. It is cultivated through nurturing and support of self and others. As we gather through feminine wisdom, experience, and Love we will align and achieve each of our individual goals as well as collectively.

It’s a time to explore ourselves, stimulate play, eliminate fear, expound laughter, shed a tear, create joy, or whatever shows up in the process. 

The purpose of these takeaways is to continue to develop and grow outside our time together. The support of the group is to provide initial seeding to further the awareness’s in your daily life.

Over the course of months, we will transform our energies to evolve toward our highest potential as individuals and supporting the divine feminine energies as a collective. Arrive at the session wherever your vibration is that particular day and leave the session in a higher vibration. Then, share this expanded consciousness with those you meet and embrace love.

Their will be surprise Facebook lives to help integrate the work between our monthly sessions. Leslee will allow her guides to call upon impromptu sessions. Each month can differ in intensities for what is happening collectively. There will be no set schedule for these sessions. This allows flexibility and freedom for all within the Universes greater plan.  

Another benefit of being a part of this group gives you 20% off personal sessions, 3 month’s of sessions and any classes or special events Leslee is offering.