August 20, 2016

About Fields and Harmonics of Light™

Fields and Harmonics of Sacred Light™ is Leslee’s unique tool, which creates distinct expressions for her clients. These are conscious art drawings and sounds of spoken Light Language that are channeled from several different dimensional frequencies. By connecting Leslee’s higher self with her client’s higher self, the frequencies come together and manifest as one specific energy field on the physical plane. Together these drawings and sounds create Leslee’s Fields and Harmonics of Sacred Light™.

Leslee’s innate wisdom allows her to see waves and patterns of dimensional light filaments. She can observe how these are affecting you as the client as well as the collective. By assisting with the harmonizing of these timeline energies, Leslee is able to shift and release blocks and conditioning from the mind, the body, and one’s energy field. She is able to connect with universal energy and with new technologies that have been hidden and lying dormant in our current DNA. 

With Leslee’s Fields and Harmonics of Sacred Light™ she is able to go beyond just understanding her clients’ histories of traumas and wounds. Leslee empowers her clients to commit to why they are here and helps them have the courage to step into their purpose. Her mission is to help her clients identify their individual abilities as they connect with the universal energy of love. She aligns her clients with the collective energies that encourage expansion and continued evolution. 

The Fields and Harmonics of Sacred Light™ allows you as the client to get out of the way of your analytical mind and experiences, which block and hold you back. Instead you work with your higher self. Divine timing dictates the vibrational state necessary for your best growth. You are able to choose your life experiences rather than allowing outside circumstances to choose for you. 

Your responsibility as a client is to work with the Fields and Harmonics of Sacred Light™. Engage with the drawings and sounds. Receive the information. Get out of the way. Sense and feel through your heart. Connect your heart and your mind. Integrate with your body. Experience the layers and layers of unraveling that keep you moving. Be patient. Allow the process to meet you where you are on your journey. See the results.

The more you commit to using the Fields and Harmonics of Sacred Light™ tool, the more you become empowered. You connect with the collective consciousness through your multi-dimensional higher self and empower your soul’s knowledge to shine and experience its incarnated purpose. Self-love becomes your true expression. Your authentic self shines.