August 20, 2016

Fields and Harmonics of Sacred Light

About Fields and Harmonics of Light™

Fields and Harmonics of Sacred Light™ are the tools of Leslee’s work.

Fields are the many subtle energetic connections within our physical, non-physical, environment and galactic that we are continually interacting with us.

Harmonics is the spoken Light Language from the Ancient’s, Mother Gaia, Dimensional and Galactic locations, that provide sound healing frequencies for transformation.

Light is the transporter of information the higher self brings forward to connect you to your truth.

Leslee Channels several different dimensional locations through one specific field of energy that is focused as light. These gradients of light her guides call “Rainbow Light” is her ability to connect to a variety of different sound harmonics in different structures throughout the universe to provide resonance to move humanity forward in their evolution. Leslee has been attuned to this since early childhood.

The harmonics of resonance that is created through channeling one’s higher self creates Leslee’s innate wisdom to receive these frequencies. She can follow them through the dimensions to hear their sounds and see light filaments in waves and patterns that are being created for balance and harmony. The creation of the drawn template in form and sound transmissions are birthed.

In a session Leslee uses higher dimensional timelines of energy. Either through a singular structure or the collectives programing, she assists in harmonizing or activating timeline energies above where their masculine energy is holding the person or collective back. Using gradients of light, she connects the feminine perspective such that the timeline can be seen differently. It doesn’t necessarily clear from the structure but accelerates its speed of vibration and its ability to be walked differently. The result is  decision making in alignment with your blueprint which aligns to the collective’s highest potential. When we align ourselves in this way we are balancing the collective energies for expansion or continued evolution and this is the focal point of Leslee’s work.

Leslee’s mission is to help others to identify their individual ability to connect with a universal energy that serves everything and everyone. This goes beyond understanding our history, healing our traumas and wounds but will connect us with a universal energy that allows us to implement new technologies, new forms of healing and abilities on our planet that are lying dormant in our DNA. Leslee wants to empower women to commit to why they are here and help them have the courage to step into it.

You’ll connect with what’s at the center of life—the vibration of LOVE.

The Fields of Harmonics of Sacred Light™ allow you to get out of the way of your mind and your experiences, which block and hold you back. They work outside the analytical mind with your higher self. Together you and your higher self along with Divine timing dictate the vibrational state necessary for your best growth. You choose your life experiences rather than allowing outside circumstances to choose you. You connect with the collective consciousness through your multi-dimensional higher self and empower your soul’s knowledge to shine and experience its incarnated purpose.

Your responsibility is to work with the The Fields of Harmonics of Sacred Light™. Engage with the templates. Receive the information. Get out of the way. Sense with your heart—not with your mind. Experience the layers and layers of unraveling that keep you moving. Be patient and allow the process to meet you where you are on your journey.

You are self-empowered. You become your authentic self. Your expression is self-love.