August 20, 2016

Templates of Light

About Templates of Light, Love, and Language™

Templates of Light, Love, and Language™ are the tools of Leslee’s work.

Light is the information the higher self brings forward to connect you to your truth.
Love is divine feminine energy that nurtures and supports you on your journey.
Language is the universal language of your soul speaking your next steps to you.
Everything in the universe is energy including our cells, our words, and our memories. Light is the form the information of that energy takes. The Templates of Light, Love, and Language™ are the wisdom of information in both drawing and sound form. Together they are the core of Leslee’s work and can help you evolve to a new freedom.

We live in a three-dimensional world, but our soul yearns to connect with the fifth dimension and beyond in order to find our true self. The Templates of Light, Love, and Language™ are the universal holographic sacred symbol language of the soul. The source of these Templates is in the multi-dimensional realm. It’s that quantum space where intention meets infinite possibilities and the universe opens in undefined ways to your soul’s needs.

You’ll connect with what’s at the center of life—the vibration of LOVE.

The Templates of Light, Love, and Language™ allow you to get out of the way of your mind and your experiences, which block and hold you back. They work outside the analytical mind with your higher self. Together you and your higher self along with Divine timing dictate the vibrational state necessary for your best growth. You choose your life experiences rather than allowing outside circumstances to choose you. You connect with the collective consciousness through your multi-dimensional higher self and empower your soul’s knowledge to shine and experience its incarnated purpose.

Your responsibility is to work with the Templates of Light, Love, and Language™. Engage with the templates. Receive the information. Get out of the way. Sense with your heart—not with your mind. Experience the layers and layers of unraveling that keep you moving. Be patient and allow the process to meet you where you are on your journey.

You are self-empowered. You become your authentic self. Your expression is self-love.