January 19, 2019

The Sisterhood Hub

I see you,
I remember you,
and I want to support you
to be the best version of YOU!

The Sisterhood Hub is a monthly membership to support you on your ascension path. Gaining wisdom through self-actualization to assist in knowing your gifts and acknowledge your essence for personal empowerment and self-love to live a fulfilled, joyful, and harmonious life.

Leslee’s mission is to assist women through self-actualization bringing clarity through for one’s soul purpose/gifts and to identify the collective assignment one carries that connects them to humanity/collective this lifetime. Everyone has personal and collective assignments they are a part of and when we understand what that is we can live in greater harmony with ourselves. Continued monthly sessions clears the resistant energies allowing you to raise your vibration. The transformative result is clarity of personal direction, inspiration and courage to move forward; all while staying in compassion, harmony and self-love.

The Sisterhood Hub Starts in March 2019!

Choose The Membership Level That’s Right For You!

Level 1

Event takes place 2nd Tuesday of the month at 6pm CST
First event scheduled for March 12th, 2019

A monthly channeling created from energies the collective is prominently expressing at the time and are working through all of us. Leslee will do a video that will allow you to watch and listen as the transmission is coming through. Leslee refers to the verbal part as Harmonics of Sacred Light and the symbolic/drawing of the energies as Fields of Sacred Light. These will be shared to you through a private Facebook page and emailed so you are able to download the jpegs to further your play with the activations. Their will be months channelings are added when astrological events are taking place that are impacting humanity in a profound way.

Level 1 Sisterhood is $22/month

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Level 2

Level 1 channeling included

Level 2 brings the experience of one monthly mini-personal session. This is not a live session. You will email me a brief description of what you are experiencing and what you are desiring. Leslee will do the session with in a 3-5 days and email it to you with a MP3 audio that allows you to hear the Harmonics of Sacred Light being spoken as the Field of Sacred Light codes/frequencies are being imprinted on paper. As Leslee connects to your Higher Self, specific frequencies are being transmitted for you to align with your highest potentials, experiences, and relationships to help you become aware of and move through blocks, beliefs and patterns. Information that comes through reveals instruction, inspiration and encouragement when you are going through a spiritual change.

Level 2 Sisterhood is $55/month

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Level 3

Level 1 channeling included

Level 3 is a live 45 minute session with Leslee with an option of phone or video session through zoom. This session will be recorded and sound healing though Harmonics of Sacred Light will be spoken, Fields of Sacred Light codes/frequencies templates will be drawn and if guided Leslee will pull Anahata codes. (usually there are several Templates that come through as we are gathering information from your Higher Self.) This session is packed with transformative energies to continue shifts for several days or possibly weeks.

The energies you are personally experiencing will be combined with the collective energies to gain a higher perspective of your personal growth and how it unites into the greater good of all. As your monthly sessions continue, their will be a pronounced familiar theme that will give self-actualization shadow work to unveil itself, bringing clarification to what your soul has come to learn personally to create access to your gifts/purpose it has agreed to bring to humanity.

Level 3 Sisterhood is $88/month

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It would be my honor to assist you on your journey.