What’s In a Name?

Over the last year I heard several times, “check the vibration of your name.

When things are brought to my awareness twice it gets my attention, the third time gets action. This is what I discovered...

The ancient Chaldean System is the best indicator of how your current name is influencing your ability to manifest your gifts and learn the lessons you were born with. Learning the number your name adds up to is vital in helping our hindering you in your quest to fulfill your goals and dreams. 

Your current name describes the support or lack thereof for you to activate your Birth Blueprint. Thus, your current name frequency describes whether your life will attract extra challenging circumstances and people – thus be unnecessarily difficult or allow you to passionately engage with your mission in a state of flow and ease. As a result, you will attract supportive people, opportunities, and “lucky breaks”, feel greater fulfillment, and experience abundance and joy at a deeper level.

Tania Gabriel Wealth Astro-numerologist

The truth I felt in these words created a need to know the frequency my name was creating in my life. This was the response I received from Tania Gabriel about my maiden name. My current name Leslee Nelson had a different response. Let’s just say not so favorable. 

You’re one of the lucky ones! There was no need for me to respell your name. Unlike approximately 80 percent of my clients, your name – Leslee Wegleitner – resonates to a highly fortunate number.

A few key points given about my maiden name Leslee Wegleitner and the resonate number it creates 63/9.

  • 9 is a very strong vibration and is referred to as the King of Numbers. 
  • You are quick to forgive and forget.
  • You’re incapable of dishonesty and deviousness and are caught off guard when others are. 
  • You can penetrate straight to the heart of a situation, making your point swiftly.
  • Your instinct is to give, let go and let what tomorrow brings happen.  
  • 9 contains all numbers from 1 through 9, is the number of beginnings and endings. Exemplified in the quote, ‘I am the Alpha and the Omega.’ 
  • Getting to the point quickly and infuse this ability with compassion. ‘What you see is what you get’  
  • There is a visible vulnerable and childlike feeling in a 9 person – so that others feel protective toward them. 
  • 9 is one of the numbers signifying abundance.

The energy behind our name is another area of alignment some of us feel. If this creates a spark of interest for you, I encourage you to look deeper into your name. 

Much Love,

Leslee Wegleitner

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