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Leslee’s Fields and Harmonics of Sacred Light™ are now merged with Human Design. It’s a new experience, which brings the higher energy realms into grounded and embodied daily living. 

Through Leslee’s years of work with her clients, she saw and could feel energy patterns during sessions. Many times these energies either didn’t shift or shifted only slightly. They didn’t expand. By bridging Fields and Harmonics of Sacred Light™ and Human Design, Leslee found the opportunity for her clients to experience a more complete system of expansion and awareness—a system that is easier, faster, and has greater results. 

Through the interaction of these two tools, you as the client are able to witness and accept more easily the energies that are taking form in your life. You benefit by seeing your growth. Most importantly, higher frequencies that open you up to new possibilities and potentials are more widely accessible in your energy field. 

Human Design gives you a blueprint of your true energy field. It makes you aware of how you uniquely came to be a part of the whole cosmic world. Looking through a cosmic lens provides you with a unique way to assess your mind’s conditionings. You can see misalignments that have been created in your original plan. 

Fields and Harmonics of Sacred Light™ provide a gentle way to access timeline energies. You see, feel, and sense your new potentials. Your mind is a powerful force of resistance that needs to be overcome if you are going to bring change to your life. With Fields and Harmonics of Sacred Light™ you reach above your mind’s conditionings in this current living dimension and expand your consciousness. 

You can create a connection to your personal highest potential as well as the collective’s highest potential. Decision-making now aligns with your blueprint when you align these two tools. Bridging your higher self through physical form gives you a greater potential of integrating into your life a more balanced, fulfilled, and joyful experience. 

Our current task as humans is to learn to experience from the heart and ground our energies into the body. The combination of Human Design and Fields and Harmonics of Sacred Light™ enhances your ability to achieve this goal. 

Give yourself a new kind of awakening, a self-knowledge that is fundamentally different and offers you precise advice for personal fulfillment. Support your progress as a human to achieve your highest potentials with tools that lead you to your true nature. Your true nature is love. Leslee’s tools of Human Design and Fields and Harmonics of Sacred Light™ enable you to create the true loving YOU.

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