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Fields and Harmonics of Sacred Light...



Fields are the many subtle energetic connections within our physical, non-physical, environment and galactic that we are continually interacting with us.



Harmonics is the spoken Light Language from the Ancient’s, Mother Gaia, Dimensional and Galactic locations, that provide sound healing frequencies for transformation.



Light is the transporter of information the higher self brings forward to connect you to your truth.

Fields and Harmonics of Sacred Light

Your Infinite Energy is about connecting to that place of wisdom inside your soul where all that exists is love.
There is no fear. There are no questions. There is no confusion.
Have you ever contemplated the idea of a language that connects everyone and everything throughout the cosmos?

Your Infinite Energy is only love.

With Your Infinite Energy there is clarity. There is understanding. There is acceptance.

Have you ever contemplated the idea of a language that connects everyone and everything throughout the cosmos? Is it possible there is a language that speaks to our spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical bodies? And then, does that language speak to us not only as individuals but also to us as the collective whole? Well, there is such a language, and it’s called Light Language. What is Light Language? Light Language is a form of communication through our higher self, which allows us to experience our multi-dimensionality using our extra sensory perceptions. Light Language is an evolution in communication that brings us into harmony with the entire cosmos—harmonics of the universe. Even though Light Language has been around since the beginning of time, our human world is only now beginning to open to it; and thus, Light Language is found on the edge of scientific learning waiting to be fully researched. Light Language is a unique form of channeling in non-linear and multi-layered form with coded frequencies of crystalline energy or fields of light. These coded frequencies hold high vibrations, which allow transfer of a large amount of information in a small amount of time. A one-minute transmission of downloaded Light Language can include years of information, which is then integrated according to Divine timing when appropriate.

Drawing with Light Language


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