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Light is the information the higher self brings forward to connect you to your truth.



Language is the universal language of your soul speaking your next steps to you.

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Love is divine feminine energy that nurtures and supports you on your journey.

Templates of Light

Your Infinite Energy is about connecting to that place of wisdom inside your soul where all that exists is love.
There is no fear. There are no questions. There is no confusion.
Everything in the universe is energy including our cells, our words, and our memories.

Your Infinite Energy is only love.

With Your Infinite Energy there is clarity. There is understanding. There is acceptance.

We are created and live on this planet earth to grow, to expand, and to ascend into love. There are a variety ways to accomplish this goal. You have most likely used some or many of them. Yet, you may be stuck because of emotional traumas still held in your energy field. You may have physical wounds that need to heal. You may be disconnected from Source.

Your Infinite Energy uses an innovative, unique tool called Templates of Light, Love, and Language™, that provides swift results and supports you in your ascension process.

Templates of Light, Love, and Language™ will AMP up your soul’s journey.

Your Infinite Energy's mission is to help each individual embody his or her authentic self. This means self-empowerment and self-love—everyone’s Divine birthright. It means experiencing a life of love, freedom, and joy. It’s opening together the consciousness one by one, which opens the consciousness of the world. Your Infinite Energy is achieved.

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