Are you ready for transformative support?

  • Are you feeling uninspired to align and achieve in your life? 
  • Are you experiencing defeats when it comes to self-empowerment? 
  • Are you challenged to understand your authentic self? 
  • Are you finding life’s disruptions limiting your personal fulfillment?
  • Are you unsupported in moving toward your goals in life?

Transformation requires change. Change requires support.

In order to transform our lives and create something new, we must change our stories. In this story-changing process, we become more aligned with our empowered self. Yet, during transformative change, we also untangle from old relationships, patterns, stories, and habits and start to feel alone and disconnected. 

Various leading research organizations demonstrate that people who are supported during transformational change have a greater chance of seeing change through and committing to their changes long term. As in the words of therapist Lisa Olivera, “Just because no one else can heal or do your inner work for you doesn’t mean you can, should, or need to do it alone.” 

Initially, one’s movement of transformative change and achievement is exciting. Then you start to feel panic. The pit in your stomach becomes a boulder. Your aloneness and excitement shifts to fear, anxiety, and lots of questioning. 

Hi, I’m Leslee. You don’t have to do transformative change alone. I can be your support, your transformative messenger.

As a Transformative Messenger, I am able to bring in information from your higher self, using my modality Fields and Harmonics of Sacred Light™ as well as offer guidance through Human Design. 

Change is constant in our world. It’s a constant in your life and mine. Transformative change happens, but not every day. It’s a bigger challenge with bigger effects than those everyday changes. Here’s one example of my transformative change.

After ten years as a dental assistant, I decided to become a small business owner. Coffee shops were trending at the time. Family and friends thought a business selling a $3 cup of coffee wasn’t going to be lucrative, but I followed my intuition. Transitioning from being an employee to now an employer added a variety of new responsibilities. 

My coffee shop was in a small community where I supported not only my employees but also my customers. Conversations began as small talk and evolved into more personal challenges with supportive change. My role wasn’t only serving coffee. Customers and employees opened up and acknowledged my ability to listen to their challenges and intuit solutions. 

The coffee shop was a success for me through to the time I sold it. With my coffee shop experience came new ideas for my own personal development, too. 

As awareness of my intuition grew, I became curious and interested in pursuing more of an understanding of each individual’s as well as humanity’s intuition and transformative process. I studied Human Design and other modalities that eventually emerged into my own modality Fields and Harmonics of Sacred Light™ and my once again professional shift. 

As an impartial, open-minded listener and observer, I will play a supportive role for you as your transformative guide. With fresh eyes, we will together manage through your life’s changing transitions. 

Our collaboration of discovering clarity about yourself and understanding how you relate with others through your inner filters will give the greatest gift of you to YOU and those around you. You will be your inspired and empowered authentic self, flowing through life toward your goals.

Let’s support you in aligning to your life’s vision

I need support in creating intentional shifts in habits, mindest, and self-image in order to get into action and stay in action

Together we will open the door to self-discovery through the lens of who you came here to be. Your conditioning runs deep, but your true essence always remains. Through practical steps, you can return to knowing yourself.  

I need support aligning to my inner knowing and developing the confidence to follow its wisdom 

Together we will open to your birthright and align with the wisdom you hold within. Life can cloud our sense of inner knowing. By acquiring harmonious balance in your life, you merge more aspects of your true self while growing in confidence.

I need support breaking relationship patterns as I become self-empowered within myself

Together we will empower you to feel connected, confident, and self-assured in all relationships. Self-discovery through relationship allows us to see self from a perspective of honest insights. Awareness of all aspects of self creates new potentials for our relationships with others. 

Kind words from clients

Looking for an Accurate Reading of Where You Are—A Gentle Method of Letting Go

I am so grateful for Leslee’s help. If you are looking for an accurate reading of where you are, a gentle method of letting go, and taking your next step, I would recommend Leslee highly. She is right on! I now am experiencing freedom free of guilt, changing my course through choice, without fear of being alone.


Continued Support

Leslee is a gifted intuitive who brings through information and messages of light. Her verbal interpretation brings clarity and understanding of where you are currently in life and where you are heading.


Activation Opened Me to Expansion of My Gifts

After the session with Leslee, I noticed lots of change. I do energy work myself. Since she did an activation through her Templates of Light, Love, and Language™, I have noticed a greater sense of clarity. As I connect to do my Akashic record readings, the messages are clearer and the flow of energy is stronger. On a personal level, I feel more connected to my intuition. I hear my intuition loud and clear and am making better day-to-day choices, which help in the flow of my life. 

My creativity has opened up, and I am now also creating items to sell in my business. What a gift to have my creative expression open in this way.


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